Kesha on tonight’s episode of ABC’s Rising Star


Have always thought Britney looked like Marilyn Monroe in this deleted scene from Crossroads. Even the director Tamra Davis did.

Katy + the Prismatic World Tour costumes

We can do this 

fight the p r e s s u r e

Make me choose between two music videos

honourinrevenge asked: Run The World or ***Flawless

countdown to hilary duff’s return to music
stranger (released: 06/25/2007)


February 21 - Britney Spears performs Freakshow @ Britney: Piece of Me Residency in Las Vegas

track: Telephone (Demo)
artist: Britney Spears
album: Telephone - Single
play count: 8126


Remember when the “Telephone” demo sung by Britney Spears was the most illegally downloaded song in 2010… the legacy is real