"I just want this school year to be great, you know. I just want everyone to be h a p p y. Even in the midst of all the crazy unhappy bits.”

I seriously don’t understand how you survive without me sometimes.

Title: Girls & Boys
Artist: Britney Spears
Played: 497 times


Song of the Day: Britney Spears - Girls & Boys - Original Doll (Unreleased)

Stop acting so scared, just do what I tell. First, both of my legs go back on your head, and whatever you want, yeah baby I bet it comes true.

"When we met, we had so much in common. We were living a really similar life. But when he started taking a more dangerous road and kind of veered off the straight and narrow, I just thought it was so sad that like, I don’t know, that God had found someone so perfect for me and we really couldn’t be together."


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